Museum Oskar Schindler

This is a study project with the task to choose a text and develop an exhibition about it. In a group of three we designed a museum and it’s exhibition to tell the story of Oskar Schindler. The exhibition has 10 stations, representing the most important happenings on his path. The graphic design was heavily inspired by the split personality and personal change of Oskar Schindler. Being a loyal nazi and businessman made him friends with many people of power. Feeling guilty and being surrounded by cruelty made him use his power to save jewish citizens by choosing them as workers for his factory. The used fonts represent the two sides of Oskar Schindlers life. The „Blankenburg“ stands in contrast to the „Akkurat Mono“  which refers to the typewriter he used to write his famous list. 
We developed ten typographic posters, one for each station of the exhibition. They feature the most important information while trying to tell their specific story through typography. The exhibition guide features historical information while giving informations on the different rooms of the museum on smaller pages. The prologue fills full spread pages. The left, white, pages give information on Oskar Schindler while the right black pages give information on the national socialism. The risography printed cover shows the museums logo, which was developed from the forms of the building.
Co-Creation: Christian Hohloch, Eduard Schmidt




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