Action Bronson — Cookin‘ with the Chef

This is a study project with the task to design a limited special edition for a music artist. ‚cookin with the chef‘ is a limited double-LP by american rapper Action Bronson. Born as Arian Asllani in 1983, he’s the son of an Albanian migrant and an Jewish New Yorker woman. He grew up in Flushing Queens, which has one of the biggest chinatowns in New York. Starting up as a chef first, he became famous for his music all over the world. Action Bronson is still having his own cooking show on youtube and never lost his interest in good food. He’s also famous for loving BMW and smoking marihuana. The limited edition transfers the idea of mixing spices while cooking onto music. 
All included tracks feature other rappers or musicians, who mix their styles together. The cover shows a 3d animated miniature version of Action Bronsons origin, Flushing Chinatown. One of the main ideas was to implement all typography into neon signs to transport information while having a fully illustrated cover. The cover has a day and a night version. The city is flat and bleached at daytime and comes to life at night. That’s the time Action Bronson arrives at his Restaurant ‚Bronsolinis’ to serve the dopest tracks. The Box includes two LPs in a separated Gatefold, a signature chef knife and a menu card with all lyrics and further informations about the included tracks.