In 80 Tagen um Arbeit

The original task of this study project was to chose our everyday hero. The goal was to create a printed product dealing with the chosen topic. I couldn’t really identify with my first choice and the semester went by full of other projects and activities that seemed more important. Getting really close to the deadline, I realized that I’d need to get something done. I looked back and counted about 80 days since the project started – 80 days of doing nothing about the task. 
Being under pressure brought huge amounts of new motivation and I came up with the idea of packing my failure into a new concept. My new hero was the deadline. Due to the lack of time being left, I had to make some restrictions for the creating process. I collected 80 actions that prevented me of working for the project. Each of them should be illustrated in under 10 minutes, so the books illustrative content was produced in 10 hours and 23 minutes.




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